Delia Robinson
Writing Non-fiction
Photo by Eli Robinson. It shows me in a typical Vermont landscape with my dog, Alabama the Pit-Girl Goddess, the best non-fictional dog ever. Subject to chills, she is wearing her Seabiscuit Warming Blanket and standing well away from snow activity.

Before I fell into fiction, I used to write essays. Many were printed. Here is a selection of essays still available in libraries.

Ceramics Monthly Magazine-
2001- Waking up the Wish
2000- Clay Commitment
Dishes of the Silver Screen
1999- Combining Dreams: A Pottery in the Sun
Art "lower-case," Teacups, and Jackson Pollock
1998- In the Coil; The Collecting Urge
Flying Blind in Business
1997- A Rain of Gold Coins
PsychoCeramics: Mending Cracked Pots
Defending Small
1996- In Their Cups
Kill or Kiln
The Clay Slump
1995- The Lowly Bean Pot
Caesarea: Shards, Time, and Human Endeavor
1993- Whistlestop in Grenada
Making a Clay Whistle
1998- Clay Times- “The Potters Pot Luck”
1992- Craft Report - “The Flood and its Aftermath”

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