Delia Robinson
The War Cabinet
mixed media
After the towers came down, a government directive suggested we use duct tape to seal doorways and windows in case of poison gas attack. Lots of orange alerts followed with a seemingly irrational push for war, accompanied by various losses of liberty for us all.

This work was an outlet for my disgust.

At an art show with an antiwar theme, I was told a young man wished to discuss my work with me. "Send him over," I said. In no time,a very small boy was standing before me. "I love your art!" he said.
"Thank you," I replied. "What in particular do you love about it?"
"The soldiers!" He trembled with enthusiasm. "I love war!"

I smiled, remembering my nephew Hans as a child. A kind, gentle person, as a boy he bit his peanut butter sandwich into the shape of a gun and shot us all.

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