Delia Robinson
Roller Towel
Wood, TYVAC, Mixed media
5 ft tall x 14 " wide
This was made for the "Inspired by Stories" show at the Sullivan Museum, Norwich University, VT, 2009. The assignment was to choose an object in the collection and do a work based on it. I selected an old typewriter, but painted a 9 foot strip of TYVAC with images of a variety of other artifacts from the Sullivan collection. This long painting was rolled into a typewriter, typed upon, and the edges were ornamented with pen and ink drawings.

Here is the artist's statement from the exhibit.

"History Lost in Time-- Roller Towel Version

In this piece, I have combined my two major interests, writing and
art, to discuss artifacts having lost their history. Various items
in the collection were selected to decorate an already multi-faceted
surface which was then over-written with typing.

Initially, I selected the typewriter as inspiration because my father
was a writer and the sound of typing powerfully evokes my childhood.
Memory is the common thread gathering all these pieces in this
collection, but over time, many stories have become fragmented. To
illustrate this, the typed manifesto is largely illegible.

The roller towel allows a continuous circular time format. It also
permitted me to comment about art inspired by insignificant artifacts,
as well as art presented on insignificant surfaces. For instance, Jack
Kerouac wrote "On the Road" on a roll of shelf paper. In a hats-off to
him, I've written an unreadable art manifesto about art upon a
painting; this piece is both on art and about art. This format
allows numerous interpretations, each altering the perceived meaning
of the work."
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