Delia Robinson
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Dookie Boys-- pastels and such...
These paintings were a breakout from years of tiny, thrifty efforts, which had mostly been drawn on the pages of a commercial calendar. Though the Dookies are fairly large, it had not yet occurred to me that I could use a fresh piece of paper, so most of these pictures are over-painted on other pictures, ones I didn't care to save.

The under works are all pastels from a life drawing group. The over-painting happened after someone gave me unwanted acrylics from a sweatshirt painting business. Many are opalescent or metallic and gleam strangely. Rumor spread that I was painting in fingernail varnish.

The over-paintings, which are all from my head, generally conform to the calendar format, that is, sequential narratives with written descriptions. It took me about a year to break free and paint a solitary picture instead of a narative series.

I liked the confusion of imagery and began a long investigation of purposefully layered images, which I am still enjoying.

Writing all over them cured me of words on pictures.

Thumbnail- detail of an under painting, a pastel "still life" of toys from "God's Answers to the Seven Last Words of Christ."

These works are called "Dookie Boys" because the word "Dookie" was the pejorative of choice among the children in our household. These pictures were all DOOKIE.