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I recently found a photo of "Ginger, The Bull Pup," dated 1910, tucked in a moldy book from my father's family. My great grandfather was a river boat photographer after the Civil War, but he took the photo in his old age at a time when Pit Bulls were the most beloved American dog.

Because Ginger looks like my dog Alabama, the best dog imaginable but living at a time when Pit Bulls are the most maligned American dogs, the photo caught my interest.

Ginger, shown here as a circus proprietor, is in the foreground while her team of bull pup artistes do various stunts. The easiest act is sleeping, the most difficult the high wire, all a breeze for these capable, big-hearted creatures.

Ginger's Pit Bull Circus
Ginger's Pit Bull Circus
Acrylic on Panel (sold)