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A Crankie is a pre-industrial revolution TV, a long unwinding scroll telling a story and contained within a box. The story moves forward when a handle is cranked by the narrator or an accomplice. Sometimes there is a musical accompaniment.

This is the opening scene of the Crankie for Marc Estrin's novel, The Annotated Nose.
Here, the protagonist's parents meet.

In a daringly perverse effort to force the future into the past, this particular Crankie was to be filmed and put on YouTube. Painted at Estrin's suggestion, it was never filmed in action, as intended, but was instead mounted on the wall above the paintings in my exhibit at the Tarrant Gallery in Burlington, Vt. 2008.

"The Nose" scroll remnants are now mounted in a Hippy Era crankie box with ball bearing action and an unusual design. It has a feeder roll, plus two guide posts and two cranking posts.

Nose Crankie-  Introducing the Family
Nose Crankie- Introducing the Family
acrylic on tyvac scroll
17" x endless