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The VERY Small Whistling Circus
The VERY Small Whistling Circus
redware clay
4 1/2" x 15"

The Smallest Whistling Circus on Earth!

I keep making more acts. Now I added a strange contortionist and a dainty juggler. The Smallest Show on Earth is getting larger though still amazingly small. Now with 16 pieces, all clay whistles with 2 or 3 notes... except for the awe-struck audience (4 1/2" x8 1/2") and a ball belonging to a seal.

The main act is a lady letting a cat out of a bag. The other admiring performers are a big bird watching a single mother seal trainer with a child helping her. Her baby has escaped and is climbing on a seal causing it to drop the ball. A clown rolls on the floor laughing. A hula dancer, the Impresario and his wife look on, not noticing that behind them, the Swamp Thing and baby Swamp Thing have escaped. Sold as a set. $500 plus $15 postage. Please insure as well.