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pandemic art, covid19 art.  imagined lives, purification, ritual, primordial, life,  beautiful,
The Bath
actylic on panel
12" x 12"

Nature guards a little human as she bathes away the contamination of the world. Danger emerges from cityscapes in the lower corners. The water in the tub looks dirty. The tub, a pottery vessel, floats on the night sky and the little human is guarded by giraffes, creatures from our deepest past. They stretch their necks to nibble trees at the source of all life.

What was I thinking?

Like many of my paintings at this time, I was inspired by a vivid and baffling pandemic dream and my fear that our world will never feel safe again. It will take more than a bath to heal us.

12" x 12" in acrylic on a panel in an unobtrusive frame.