Delia Robinson
An Angel Awakens the Magi
actylic on panel
9 1/2" x 11 1/2"
In this time of intense disturbance, I've been flying with the Romanesque bas relief image from 1120 by Gislebertus. Perilous times inspired me to add a horrid little skeleton trying to steal their bedding. Under the green landscape on the bottom right, the entire life of Christ is hidden; the manger, his first steps, and Calvary. Why hidden? Because when the Magi set out, none of that had happened yet.

I yearn to visit this work in the cathedral in Autun, France but for now I think I'll do a series. The Magi awaken, they dress, pack lunches, and hit the road heading east... it could occupy me for years.

acrylic on a mystery panel. Unframed.
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