The Dig
The Dig
Acrylic on Panel
12" x 12"

My knowledge of Archeology is scarcely deeper than the TV show "Time Team," but it is a perfect metaphor for my brain. Always digging, looking for that strange burnt shard of Great Meaning, and when found, it is in some place other than expected.

This painting, "The Dig," is about that process, the love of the obsolete, the buried, the forgotten, and the strangely pleasant tedium of the search. This is today's small burnt shard.

Words from artist and critic Jan Demuth:
"This is wonderful and a striking push of limits in the way you treat the background and the figure, the way the geological layers roll to form the landscape and the human body becomes one more layer rolling along with it, an organic element in every sense of the world, while the wonderfully loose skeletons stand out as the true individuals, with the left one looking on in apparent bemusement as the archeologist performs open chest cage surgery on his buddy…"