The Tree Was Crucified First
The Tree Was Crucified First
Acrylic on Birch Panel
2' x 4'

"The Tree Was Crucified First." In an Eden of fruitful trees, one apple tree offered forbidden knowledge. The painting envisions the gradual expansion of human naughtiness and indifference into the vast wrongs we now do on a daily basis.

Far left, Eve is ushered in by a vaguely human green force of nature.

Part 1. She is curious, eats the fruit and drops the core, a mysteriously ignored sacred relic. It sprouts.

Part 2. Her son Cain rips a branch from the tree grown from the dropped core of the forbidden fruit. Cain uses the branch to commit the first murder, killing his brother. This begins premeditated wrongs in this symbolic example of our first crime against our own species. Able's blood flows down, allowing the felled branch to sprout into a new tree.

Part 3. A woodsman cuts the tree sprouted from Cain's dropped murder weapon.

Part 4: A killing device, a crucifix, is built from this wood. From then on humans wrong the natural world, especially trees, in every way imaginable.