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Amy E. Tarrant Gallery, FlynnSpace, Burlington, Vt.
Exhibit-- "The Illustrated Nose."

"...a sense of fantastical visual adventure and emphatic artistry.

Using layers of media to convey layers of meaning, Robinson inspires an archeological fascination in the viewer....

...Robinson takes on archetypes and fairy tales with a gimlet eye and dark humor, creating a dream landscape consistent in style but surprising in content. In the smaller paintings and illustrations, there's an overall impression of transitory settings (a restaurant, a train station, an elevator), chance meetings, and occasional chaos. In one painting, three women sit awkwardly in a red-curtained parlor, two in their Sunday best and one in her lingerie, while a forth peers out from behind a curtain, nude. The title: "Definitely the Wrong Address for the Ladies Tea."

"Punk Girl Using the Head of Plato for Footrest," is exactly what it sounds like: three solemn female figures pose in what could be a post-apocalyptic fashion shoot, one with her foot propped on the fallen philosopher's stature head. The viewer doesn't quite know what is going on here, but that's a good thing. The mystery and wonder is part of the effect of this highly engaging exhibition, and Marc Estrin's book will surely be something to see.

(refers to illustrated book, The Annotated Nose, by Marc Estrin)

G. Blake MacPhail, 2008
G. Blake MacPhail, 2008