Delia Robinson
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Money Book
In the early '90's I was grabbed by an obsession to paint money. It seemed an attractive form of blasphemy. My money obsession grew from a desire to startle my father on our shared Halloween birthday. I sewed dollar bills into hats, ties, scarves,and painted their portraits. I became interested in how little one needed to draw before it suggested money. I also painted directly on dollars, assembling a spiral bound money book. Each page has a single George.

When I first heard about Boggs' Bills, I was ecstatic; someone else kicking in the same direction! JSG Boggs used his talents brilliantly but the penalties were unspeakably harsh. Luckily, no one noticed me except for a loony shopkeeper who craved large numbers of painted Georges to give out as change. That was too dull so he had to paint his own.