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Thursday, November 24, 2011
Vermont ArtZine REVIEW: Delia Robinson at Flynndog in Burlington
by Janet Van Fleet

....Delia Robinson’s illustrations, displayed down the length of one long wall at the gallery, were originally hand-drawn and painted, then scanned and digitally altered, and finally printed in pigment-based inks on heavyweight archival paper. The exhibit is beautifully mounted, with each of the illustrations (a framed print, one of a Limited Edition print run of only 10) mounted next to a book open to the poem being illustrated. The poems appear in both the original Italian and a facing page with the English translation. The poet’s elegant signature races across the bottom of the black mounting board under each book.

....On the opposite wall of the gallery are Robinson’s paintings.... This body of work is called Captive. It includes three large puppet-theater pieces with multiple holes where puppets might appear... as well as paintings with a variety of sizes and subjects.

A wonderful piece that demonstrates Robinson’s highly-tuned sense of humor is Professor in the Ivory Tower. (He finds the artifact needed to complete his history of the potato masher). The Professor is depicted in front of a soaring and packed bookshelf, with wisps of clouds passing overhead, clearly delighted by adding the missing link to his historic collection.

Another fine example of narrative painting is Blame it on the Yellow Car, a larger piece showing front and center what looks like the artist herself, with her heart on her sleeve. There is much going on in this piece, and it’s fun to imagine scenarios in which the yellow car (and the other characters in the painting) might figure.

banjos, music
Vermont ArtZine 2011
by Janet Van Fleet
image: Chasing Roads
acrylic on tyvac