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Counseling and Sandwiches for All in Need
actylic on panel
12" x 12"
April 01, 2020

This series of painting arise from my uneasy dreams during the pandemic shutdown.

"Counseling and Sandwiches for All in Need" is another world-gone-wrong pandemic painting. The top tier and bottom of the celestial service hierarchy, an angel and a good dog, work together to find Joseph and Mary slumped in grime on the street.

As a child, I was told by Father Cole, our parish priest, that dogs are NOT allowed into heaven. This proved an insurmountable block in my spiritual development but gave me an abiding love of dogs. Here I suggest that Father Cole was wrong.

To capture my feelings at this time, I put colors side by side that awaken discomfort in me... that red and that green. And I made the world all wrong and diminished... the glimpses of an eerie sky, the overwhelming roof on the rudimentary shops, all with newspaper over the windows as they go out of business. In this case the newspapers are the bankruptcy and foreclosure announcements from my small town's struggling paper.

To balance it all and create happiness I put lightening bugs in the angel's hair. And let Maybe the Dog shine with pure light, which she does.