Delia Robinson
White ReflectionRiver Laundry, Bottle TreeSpectral LaundryEaster DressHighwater ChairMaximum Security Democracy LandscapeSky Burial for Spongiform RemainsSentinel ElmConversation DeviceAlternate SpeciesProblems in PlaylandChariots of the Half-GodsRain Machine--  SculptCycle 2009Alternate Species, Take TwoGloves for "The Hand to Hand Project"
Site-specific Sculpture
Most of these pieces are large public works made for shows, though some are put up secretly by night for a limited time as “Unsanctioned Public Art.”

My sculptural goal is to create an “I GET IT!” moment for the viewer. This requires an instantly readable concept. If the surface is beautifully painted, so much the better.

The materials used are not ideal but are what I can afford or have too much of. An extra bag of cement, a length of cord, and old clothing emerges as a fossilized laundry line. Bronze might be better, but it is beyond my means.

Public art is always under threat so such pieces must be improved by-- or imperious to-- vandalism.